Sunday Study Groups

Southside has Bible study groups to minister systematically to all ages. For those under 18 years of age, our curriculum will go through the Bible every three years teaching vital principles for life. We also have a class available for adults taking them through the Bible every seven years. Other adult electives and studies are available as well. Our Sunday Study Groups meet every Sunday morning at 9:45. These groups are for all ages of children, preteens, teens, and numerous adult classes as follows:

Children's Groups

Nursery - Loving Staff
Pre-School - Sharon Pearl
Kindergarten - 1st Grade - Sharon Cox
2nd - 3rd Grade - Brenda Brower
4th - 5th Grade - Lori Bennett

Student Groups

Middle School -- David Lee Adams
High School - Derrell Connell
College - Lindsey Croston

Adult Groups

Living Out Loud - Jim & Kelly Crowley
Pursuing Excellence - Gary & Ruth Kirchoff
Family Matters - Rev. Sam Robles
Knowing the Truth - Jim Richardson
Radiant Life Group - Various